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About Me

My first work of fiction was a short story about an island full of dinosaurs, written long before Michael Crichton ran wild with the idea. I wrote it in the third grade; it ended with a hair-raising escape from an exploding volcano.

I’ve been writing steadily since then, always in genre – horror, fantasy, science fiction, or action adventure. Along the way I served a hitch in the Navy, wrote for a local newspaper, and prowled the byways of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan as a repo man.

The Beatnik Spy series is my take on Ian Fleming’s 007 books, packed with action, exotic locales, and sneer-worthy villains. My literary heroes are the post World War 2 generation of working authors who spun fast-paced tales featuring tough protagonists, beautiful dames, boozy adventures, and wildly improbable scenarios. I hope you have as much fun reading the Beatnik Spy books as I do writing them.